Thursday, March 16, 2017

Swissvita Product Review

Dealz among Uz received a sample to prepare this review. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

Swissvita Skincare Product Review

There is a skincare company out there that you may have never heard of so I'm here to introduce them to you! Swissvita Skincare is a company that began in 2007 that combined the essence of European beauty and the technology of Asia. They decided that skincare products shouldn't just hide the signs of aging; they should bring back out your natural beauty. The main ingredient of this product line is a natural plant-extract called AC-11. This ingredient is known to help repair damaged DNA. Swissvita products also help to reduce the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines. 

The first thing I noticed was there wasn't any frilly nor colorful packaging. I found out why after I started using my eye cream and the facial cleansing cream. This company puts all their efforts into making an outta this world product instead of fancy packaging! 

This facial cleansing cream was so smooth when I used it to wash my face. It is an unscented product; which I love!
I have used this item for the past three weeks and I can honestly say I can see a difference with many areas on my face. My complexion is so much brighter and the fine lines around my eyes are almost unnoticeable. 

I don't believe I could praise the eye cream enough. After all this time, I have finally found a product that is very affordable to diminish my dark circles. I started seeing a difference after about a week. Now I don't even need to use concealer under my eyes! This product didn't irritate my skin or eyes, which is difficult to find with these types of creams. 

You need to check out the entire skincare line of Swissvita. They offer dark circle corrector, whitening serum, wrinkle serum, anti-aging serum, and of course the eye cream & facial cleanser.

Please check out this awesome company that has a skincare line devoted to taking care of your skin. Go here to look at everything they have to offer & purchase your own amazing products: Swissvita Skincare Company

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