Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Epicare Product Review

Dealz among Uz received a sample to prepare this review. All opinions are my own and no compensations was received.

Epicare Facial Hair Remover Product Review
Introducing a new revolutionary way to remove facial hair with Epicare Facial Hair Remover Threader. Now you don't have to do the painful plucking, tweezing, messy waxes or awful smelly creams that all women have been used to doing. This product will leave your face feeling flawless & smooth without causing coarse or ingrown hairs! 

As you can see by the above pictures, the Epicare system has the advantage of pulling the hairs from the root to eliminate all your unwanted hairs. The video included with this review will show you how to use your tool correctly. 

I received the tools in Timeless Black and Fuschia Pink; also included were the pouches that you can store you tool in after use. I watched the tutorial video and used the Epicare system with amazing results!! I have always had trouble with hair on my chin and upper lip. I could tweeze or wax them but the hair always came back within weeks. I used this tool over a month ago and guess what?! The hair has not come back and I am speechless.
I am in my 40's and have finally found something that will help me with my unwanted chin hair and I can feel confident when I go out in public that nobody is looking at my "goat tee"!! 

I guarantee you will get amazing results with this product but you MUST watch the tutorial video and go step-by-step to get those results.

There is a little discomfort anytime you have to remove unwanted hair but this system has finally achieved a way for you remove those hairs almost painlessly!!

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