Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Xtenex Product Review

Dealz among Uz received a sample to prepare this review. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

Xtenex Shoelaces Product Review
Ever get tired of tying your shoelaces over & over? Do your feet ever hurt because your shoes fit too tight? Then you need to check out Xtenex (indeXed-TENsioning-nEXus) Shoelaces! These ergonomic shoelaces provide adjustable tensioning between the shoe eyelets.  This one of a kind technology offers many benefits for your feet to find comfort in your shoes all day. Some of the perks of these laces are:

*Reduces painful binding & foot fatigue.

*Aids in healthy blood circulation with the   lace expansion.

*Provides your feet with all day comfort.

*A lace shoe is made into a slip-on shoe.

*Never have to tie your shoes again.

Here are a few tips on how to begin installing the laces. 
(1) Before you start to make sure to install the laces while your foot is in the shoe.
(2) DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN when you first install the laces. 
(3) You must stretch the lace to collapse the knot. 

Below is a tutorial video on how to properly put your laces into the shoes.

There are several different types of the Xtenex Shoelaces.

*The X-Series (The Flagship Series) - A must for a runner or active person.
*The X-H Series (Hybrid) - Fits most athletic shoes & for everyday wear.
*The X-F Series (Flat Lace) - A fit for people who need a compression fit.

I received a sample of all of the different types of laces and I liked the X-Series the best. They fit great in tennis shoes. My son loved them because his laces would come loose and he would end up having to tie them multiple times per day. With the X-Series Laces, he can slip them on but with a perfect fit every time he puts his shoes on.

You can purchase your own laces here: Xtenex Purchase Site

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