Friday, March 10, 2017

The Honey Guy Products Review

Dealz among Uz received a sample to prepare this review. All opinions are my own and no compensations was received.

The Honey Guy Products Review

Having safe and healthy skin products is always a must. The Honey Guy Products speciaize in a  hypoallergenic, healthy and natural skincare line that is safe for everyone. This company has three generations of bee-keeping and business experience.  They offer a product line that includes insellectant repellants, lip balm, beeswax bandage, waterblocker skin cream, air freshener, cookbooks and raw, unprocessed honey.

I received the 3-pack trial of waterblocker skin cream, beeswax bandage & bite free insect repellant. These are small enough to fit in your purse and have on the go. All the products are fragrance free and will work wonders. The waterblocker is awesome for cracked, dried skin and stays on for a long time; no need to re-apply! The beeswax bandage is great for that unexpected cut. It is all natural and lots better than applying an old regular band-aid. 

The air freshener is just a hint of fragrance that is pleasing and not overpowering. It makes your home fresh smelling without giving you a headache. My mom loved the "Cooking with My Honey" cookbook. My dad loves anything made with honey, so they started trying out new recipes right away! All of the recipes have easy to do directions and products found easily at any grocery store.

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