Saturday, February 25, 2017

DIY Easter Chick

DIY Egg Carton Easter Chick

What you will need:

* Paper Egg Carton
* Yellow Paint
* Black Magic Marker
* Yellow Construction Paper
* Orange Construction Paper
* Tape
* Glue
* Candy of your choice (must be small enough to fit inside egg cups)


1. Cut two egg carton cups out of the egg carton.  Then cut about 1/2" strip of the yellow     construction paper and attach with tape to the egg cartons to act as a hinge. 

2. Next paint the cups and paper attachment yellow. This make take two coats. Then let 
    it dry and put aside.

3. Cut out two pieces of 1x1/2" strips of yellow construction paper and also cut two pieces
    of 1x1/2" strips of orange construction paper. Fold a 1/4" flap on each of the strips of 
    paper (both orange & yellow) so you will fold 4 in total to have 4 flaps.

4. Next you will cut those 4 strips of construction paper into triangles from the flap as 
    shown above.

5. Glue one yellow triangle flap on the inside of the bottom cup of your egg cups. (Glue
    one on each side) Next glue one orange flap on the inner bottom (Front) of your egg 
    cup. Glue the last orange flap on the inner top (front) of your egg cup. (Shown Below)


6. Cut your own version of chicken feet out of the orange construction paper and glue to 
    the bottom of your egg cups. (front - as seen below)

7. Put your egg cups together and draw eyes with your black magic marker and ta-dah
    You have your own Egg Carton Chick!! Fill with candy of your choice.

This makes a perfect little treat for the kids to give out at Easter for school parties.
A very inexpensive treat that you and your child can do together!!